A grueling yet comedic perspective of socioeconomic status of new Argentina that captures the spirit of crisis in a violent country.
Adult Movie
John wishes his life would be as sexual open as a porn flick. When his girlfriend starts to take on the role, he is forced to face his insecurities and decided what he truly wishes.
Separated from her mother, a girl must find the courage to help a stranger despite the daunting circumstances and bizarre surroundings.
Around the Ring
When a crooked manager offers to take charge of his boxing career, Arthur follows him blindly - until Jeanne fortunately opens his eyes. But the question is... what is she really after?
Ash Sunday
A Student Academy Award Finalist, this touching animated short film depicts a pencil drawing that struggles to escape a white sheet of paper to a brilliant world of three dimensional color.
At Low Resolution
As Trey travels the streets, his obsession with Sally grows to the point of secretly videotaping her. As the couple gets closer Trey's intrigue turns into obsession and his voyeuristic desires take over their lives.
The Agent Who Stole Christmas
Starring Rick Hoffman from the TV series, "Philly", this is the story of a Hollywood talent agent who kidnaps Santa and learns the true meaning of Christmas in the process.
Back to One
Deemed "hilarious short film" by Film Threat, this behind-the-scenes look at the world of extras proves that even the most well rehearsed moments aren't always as they seem.
Beer Goggles
Spend the night with three good ol' white trash boys as they venture out in their pickup for an evening of truckin,' drinkin' and whorin.'
Bill's Seat
This psycho-thriller tells the tale of an out-of-towner who is accused of murdering another man - and suffers the ultimate.
Bird in the Wire
An official Cannes Film Festival selection, this tale reveals that even the most trial of moments can inspire relief from life’s monotony.
A dark dramedy of a woman and the effect one man has had on her life, amidst an out-of-time existence.
Bucuresti Wien
Seeking to provide for his family, Niki makes a trip to Germany for work. Though he believes that things will go as planned, he is proven completely wrong in this official Cannes Film Festival Selection.
In this film noir a thief stumbles upojn a man who believes his wife is cheating on him which causes a strange three-way tryst of misunderstandings, sourly leaving only the remorseless unscathed.
Climbing Miss Sophie
A Sundance Film Festival selection and DGA winner, this 1950's period piece tells the story of a boy who symboliicaly pushes an overweight lady up stairs in exchange for a place to live and wisdom about life.
Couterfeit Film
In this Student Academy Award Finalist a photocopy machine animates early Edison films and as the filmmaker performs an autopsy on a dollar bill.
Crab Boy
A story about a boy who is initially haunted by a crab boy sideshow attraction, but eventually led to perceive the world in a different way.
Witness the horrible fate of one group of chess pieces as they're thrown into the jaws of death. These guys know the true meaning of the word 'Damned!'
A frustrated writer finds renewed inspiration in a concussion-induced dream.
A self-revealing story of a young Indian-American guy who discovers his cultural identity as he attempts to win the love of a beautiful Indian girl.
Electric Heartbreaker
John, a misunderstood musician, partners up with an interpretive dancer to create a music sensation. Though they believe they have found their calling, their legacy eventually faces the ultimate tragedy.
The Fine Line Between Cute and Creepy
Two women are pursued by two similar men in the same exact way, however, while one woman falls in love with her suitor, the other believes she is being stalked.
From the 104th Floor
Considered one of the most riveting Sundance shorts, this Rosie Perez narrated animation shares the story of woman trapped in the World Trade Center on 9/11/02 and the ultimate triumph of love over terror.
This is the must-see spoof of the popular "Matrix" movies where Dio, Memphius and Vanity bust stop Bill Gates from downloading the Windows Infinity virus and achieve world domination.
Get Outta Here
In this Finalist of the Oscar Shorts, a newly named married couple sees a popular game show as their ticket out of the Mother-in-Law's house and on to a life of their own.
A recipienct of the Gold Student Academy Award, this films depicts love, rock'n'roll, and grave loss in the aftermath of a helicopter crash.
H.R. Pukenshette
A twisted "tribute" to the '70s TV shows of Sid and Marty Krofft, with a little Farrelly Bros. tossed in.
It's Not Me, It's Not You
Screened at the Cannes Film Festival, this is the story of a Palestinian photographer and an Israely solider who struggle over their vocational and romantic interests.
La Sombra
Two men struggle over the shade created by a tree in a fiery hot desert. A heated battle of existence ensues when a cocaroach witness the event through his own perception.
The Last Whisper
George, a serial killer, is on his last days of reckoning. A defeated mind's desperate attempt to stop the horror. The battle of good and evil begins when it might already be lost.
Late Twenties
Three friends at the end of their twenties. Three actors at the end of a play. Three characters at the end of an era. Late Twenties is a comedy about this coming to an end.
Magical Misfits
When one of Melf the Wizard spells creates a gigantic demon and a small funny dogs, he is reminded that helpers aren't how they used to be by his cheeky devil and a fairy assistants.
Melting Glass
When news of a promotion threatens to send him home against the wishes of his fiancée and her family, Jerry discovers that love over international borders can be more fragile than crystal.
Mocking the Cosmos
Starring Tim Roth, Bruce McGill and Kelly Rowan, this tells the story of two careless parents who leave their son to his own devices to retreat from his otherwise down-to-earth existence.
A harrowing claymated short film animation about one man's quest for freedom.
Moving Day
A hilarious Canadian Academy Award-winning portryal of a mismatched couple trying to move into their dream pad without breaking up in the process.
Multiple Voices of Albert Ross
After a fight with his daughter, Albert Ross is confronted by a man smaller than his thumb. If he will not listen now, he'll never have the chance again. For the man will be gone.
A young man tough on his luck is coaxed into a risky heist by the woman he loves. When you're in love anything is possible, even crime.
Post Modern Man
Our hero is but an empty cipher in this fable of identity about our media-saturated, ad-shaped world.
Rise and Fally of the Legendary Anglobilly
Georges Meilies meets Jack Kerouac in a cryptic roadmovie through the clouds.
A man without memory of his past searches for the answers to the questions that plague his future.
A Sundance short and DGA winner, this is the story of two Hispanic homeless brothers trying to stay together as they struggle to survive in the streets of Los Angeles.
Rules of LoveM
A story set in 1963 Brooklyn about two people forced to decide between their love for each other and the rules that could keep them apart.
Estes Donde Estes
Pedro leads a lonely and isolated life. Though he placed a dating ad to hopefully meet somebody, he has never had the courage to answer the phone when they'd call, until...
The Music of Vivaldi transports a boy from his dull bedroom to a mystical stage where notes come alive and rise to the stars.
The power of song connects a young Chinese-Canadian man with his forgotten ancestry, by way of a violent, karaoke-obsessed thug.
Together for Fifty Years
One evening after fifty years of marriage, Gwynneth has had enough of Rick's irritating habit. Maybe Zack should have chosen a different evening to burgle their house.
An unnerving train ride to Prague turns violent as three racist Czech soldiers terrorize a helpless gypsy couple riding in the same car.
Twin Set
Twin sisters Lavinia and Virginia Albatross face off in this fun political comedy short film. A homage to Patty Duke and Bugs Bunny.
Two brothers. One destiny. A story that reveals the true meaning of friendship between brothers.
Une Histoire d' Amor
A Slamdance Film Festival selection that reveals an elderly woman who contemplates the destiny of an intriguing young man she observes from a far.
A Student Academy Award-winner, this harrowing documentary follows the lives of four runaway children in today's Russia.
Waiting for Trains
The last memories of an American man facing execution at the hands of his own countrymen. Set amid a fictional civil war in North America.
A man is given a chance to attain his hopes and dreams... but is he courageous enough to accept them?