Tips on organizing your large collection of DVDs

If you possess a large collection of DVD disks you know how hard it may be to organize them. For example, I have more than 1000 DVDs and CDs at home, and when it was not organized – it was a true nightmare for me and anyone else who tried to find something. Often I had to spend more than 10 minutes searching for a movie I wanted to watch or disk I wanted to listen. After several such attempts I decided to make up a system of organization.

In the article below I tried do describe my recommendations shortly, paying attention to the main steps and techniques. It surely will be useful for anyone, who has a collection of DVD disks – doesn’t matter if you have thousands of them, or just one hundred.

Before you actually start organizing your disks – you need to purchase the storage place, i.e. shelves or storage boxes. For any large collection storage shelves are compulsory. So-called ‘deep shelving’ will not help you, because putting movies on shelves in several rows will still create a mess, because in order to reach the back row you will have to pull the front one out. I bet most of you are now thinking about expenses, which you will face if decide to purchase a storage shelve. It is totally OK, if you don’t want to spend much – you may get several DVD towers, which cost as little as $20 per each at any Family Dollar store. Each of such holders may contain up to 75 DVD disks, and you may purchase several of them and put them in a line by the wall. Towers are perfect if you don’t have much place to dedicate for storage.