DVD Recording Tools – How Essential Are Those?

You’re likely to know how painstaking can it be to find the needed home video fragments. It can take hours to scan around stacks of videotapes covered with dust. And that’s not the end – when you get to the right tape, you’re supposed to seek records on it until you reach the fragment you’re looking for. Sad, but when you’re finally watching that recorded moments after hours of searched, your mood is far from bright, and the rest are tired of waiting as well. Most of us get used to the complexity of reviewing home videos, and find our ways of arranging and simplifying further searching.

However, if it was possible to transfer all those family records to DVD video discs, it would really make things as easy as possible. And it is when software for home DVD recording come to help us. The aim of many DVD recording programs is exactly to replicate your family video tapes on DVD discs incorporating convenient and eye-candy navigational menus. Effortlessly mark chapters for better navigation; add illustrations, photos, voice commentary etc. For some advanced tasks you will need video editing tools apart from DVD recording program though.

Top Pick of DVD organizer software

Convert DVD – a leading conversion and authoring program suite – accepts source video in any popular format (refer to the list below). Authored DVDs are playable on any DVD playing device, incorporating feature-rich navigational menus.

  • The list of video formats supported: divx, xvid, mkv, mov, flv, general avi, mpeg1, nsv, mpeg2, dvr-ms, ts, ifo, tivo, wmv, vob, asf, rm (realmedia), ogm (Ogg Vorbis), satellite tuner input, widespread digital camera formats, capturing devices and much more. All required codecs are bundled with the program.
  • Optimized high-fidelity transcoder, as a rule takes around 30 minutes for converting an hour of video. It uses Multi-Core CPUs at their maximum performance!

Convert DVD is capable of joining separate videos to one DVD title. Seamless joining is achieved by eye-candy transitional effects in between. All menu elements and layout is customizable. Design your own menu from scratch or use one of many bundled templates. DVD organizer software Having the Highest Rating Cucusoft DVD Burner combines ease of use and a rich set of professional features. Its purpose is to record different types of discs (TS, VCD, MPEG1/2 or SVCD) from popular video formats. The Lite version has all the features of “Pro” version except for built-in “VCD/DVD /SVCD Burner”.