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For archiving video content it is better to use the MPEG compression of digital data (420 IBP 15 / 3), and to record movies VHS/Video8 level sufficient to use MPEG1 stream of 2-3 Mbps. For SVHS/Hi8 and DV is required MPEG2 stream of at least 5 Mbps. In terms of practical implementation it is better to use software and hardware implementation of MPEG compression. The most well-known and relatively accessible program is XingMPEG Encoder. It allows you to receive MPEG-1 sequence from AVI-files (eg, MJPEG streams captured by one of the boards of non-linear editing). But this process because of the complexity compression algorithm requires significant computational resources. For example, the Pentium II 350 MHz recoding every minute of video at a given flow in a 3 Mbps requires about 15 minutes finishing this task.

Admittedly, this ensures high quality of the resulting video. Hardware encoder provides MPEG-movies in real time: on their input is an analog video signal, and on the hard disk is written ready MPEG-file. Currently there are available a wide variety of devices providing MPEG-1/2/4 compression. They can be implemented as external components connected by to a computer via LPT/USB port (AverMedia MPEGWizard, Pinnacle Systems STUDIO MP10, Videonics Python, miroVideo DC1000), and internal PCI, PCI-Express cards (VITEC Multimedia RT6, Darim MPEGator, Data Translation Broadway).
 Although during the initial sampling is not limited to the most efficient compression type 422 IP (but allow sophisticated video editing with frame accuracy), but admits software and hardware to convert the resulting sequence of MPEG2 IPB 420 15 / 3. The basis for DVD-Video, for example, with the help of DVD Authoring software (supplements DC1000 to set miroVideo DVD1000).
¬†It's time to deal with those on any compact digital media to store video archive. One hour of video, even in the most effective method of compression and visual quality corresponds to the volume of data at 1 GB, 2 GB with an S-Video and approximately 3 GB for DV. Under such values of choice, strictly speaking, not great - it's one of the options recordable CDs and DVDs.