Channing Tatum - the new Johnny Depp?

Soon, movie lovers will appreciate the output to the screen film version of TV show "Jump Street, 21. In the late 80's still an unknown young actor Johnny Depp, became a star thanks to this film. The main roles in this project approved by Channing Tatum and John Hill. Hill also is also one of the writers "Jump Street, 21, once worked with Michael Bacall, who was involved in creating interesting movies based on comic book" Scott Pilgrim vs. all ".

Doug Belgrad, head of Columbia Pictures confidently declares that your project will delight audiences with her hilarious, fascinating story. Talking about teamwork Channing Tatum and John Hill, Doug Belgrad calls them the perfect duo in the film. In addition, in the film involving Phil Lord and Chris Miller, directed the cartoon "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs." Another fine example of their joint work is the series "How I Met Your Mother," so that viewing of "Jump Street, 21" promises to be not boring! The main characters are young policemen that are embedded in the school as regular students. In January, Channing Tatum released comedy "Dilemma", in Russia it can be viewed on 3 February. Then your attention on February 10 will be presented to the film "Eagle IX Legion, and in the spring followed by a" knockout "Steven Soderbergh, he had not so long ago finished shooting a drama called" The Oath ". In the same year, Steven Soderbergh has worked on a militant "Nobody's Son" with Al Pacino.