Arrange the Repository of Your DVD

Arranging DVDs in your possession can be a quick and simple task to do. Owing to the availability cd/dvd organizer and the internet it is very simple. This review covers the process of swift compilation of your DVD repository database using online sources.

While choosing among diverse websites offering movie databases, consider the following factors. First of all, find evidence of how large and informative the site’s database is. A decent DVD database will provide comprehensive information on any DVD/Blu-ray title, and the search will be effortless. Secondly, you certainly would prefer an option to use the DVD database for free, so make sure the site doesn’t involve fees. Also, it would be great if site is enhanced with barcode recognizer.

Besides from site’s support of barcodes, you will need some hardware for scanning. My personal pick is Cuecat (priced $15 at Ebay). Never mind the device’s cartoonish look, it is compact, works great and the price is really attractive. Without such scanner you will have to input at least the title of each DVD in your repository, which can be painstaking if your collection counts up to, say, 200 discs.

When you’ve selected the site you will deal with, go ahead and sign up there. In this review we will use (a Free online DVD Database). Personally I find this site convenient and comprehensive. For a pleasant surprise, the site incorporates sophisticated barcode recognizer capable of scanning a hundred DVDs in a matter of minutes. As soon as you’ve created your account at the site, you’re all set for arranging your movie collection.

DVD Titles Scanning

Having signed in to the site, proceed to “Add Movies” link. You will be prompted to either scan your DVD barcodes or type in UPC codes, or do a search. Apparently, the fastest and the most accurate method is scanning. However if your collection isn’t huge, specifying UPC codes manually is nearly as fast as scanning. But suppose you’re a proud owner of a huge DVD repository and use a Cuecat to recognize all those disks. The only rule to observe when using a Cuecat is to position the device flat against DVD box. Slide it left-to-right without hurrying, and UPC code will be recognized without error. Well done! You have just set up your online organized DVD repository. Proceed with the “View” section of the site, and the result of your work will be displayed immediately.